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Gain an insider's perspective on the advertising industry with real life experiences

Creativity school in guatemala
agencia creativa en guatemala
escuela de creatividad en guatemala

Learn how to transform your creative talents into a professional vocation.

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Knowledge is power.

Creative School in Guatemala

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Deal with your creative block demons

Creative School Escuela Creatividad Guatemala

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Creative blocks

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A good AD, graphic design, animation, it's just part of a great communication skills

Pablo Montenegro Guatemaa

About the teacher

Hi my name is Pablo, I have helped companies in Guatemala and US with Brand Strategy and Marketing.

My career started in 2009 by participating in the Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity with an Advertising Campaign for United Nations. In 2011 I worked at LatinoTV in Los Angeles California creating content for Live TV.


I have experience in copywriting, live tv production, graphic design and brand strategy.


I had worked with local and international brands such as: Microsoft Latam, Seychelle Media, Diskovery Kids, Miami Image Society, National Park: Zoológico La Aurora, Kotex, Kimberly Clark Professional, and many others. I think life it's about exploring our professional boundaries and discovering the things that will drive and inspired us.

Pablo Montenegro

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